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Earache Treatment Without Antibiotics

Kids don't have to be on the antibiotics.

They don't have to get the tubes, horrible surgery, or be put under.

Helping them heal their own body naturally, that's our passion and that's what we love to do.

Treatment for Ear Infections

Aside from colic, one of the most common reasons people bring pediatric patients into my office is ear infections or they're having ear problems or fluid build-up in the ears too.

A lot of people don't associate chiropractic and pediatric care, or chiropractic and ear infections.

People will refer their neighbor or a friend in when their kid is constantly on the antibiotics or had their fourth ear infection. They'd say, "Why would I go to a chiropractor to have my child treated for ear infection?"

Chiropractic treatment for ear infections is actually very common.

Pediatrics is one of our primary focuses here in the office. What we're trying to explain to people is the nerve supply to your head and your ears all come from that upper neck region.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

This is always a big concern for parents who have never gone to the chiropractor to have their child treated. This page has a short video of me treating a baby at my office.

Treat When Young To Be A Healthy Adult

With adults, we often see them for their headaches. If spinal issues are not taken care of as kids, we see them down the road.

We'll often hear that as a child, "Oh, I had problems with my ears." And now as an adult, they have headaches. So we love getting them in when they're younger and we can get that treated.

What Causes the Earaches and Infections

When the nerves to the ears are pinched two things happen.

One, your ears can't properly heal. It's like stepping on a hose. It's not getting the nerve supply you need to the ears to heal.

Two, when that nerve is being pinched up there, your muscles spasm in your neck.

Just as adults, we can feel that too when we have neck pain. That e-tube that drains all of that fluid out of the ears isn't able to drain properly with all those muscles spasming.

When we can get that pressure off that nerve and let those muscles relax, the fluid just naturally drains on it's own.