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Chiropractic treatment can help your child

Dr. Megan January specializes as a Pediatric Chiropractor in Edmond, OK offering safe and effective chiropractic care for Oklahoma families. In the last 7 years, she's helped countless babies and children live healthier, happier lives through chiropractic treatment.

What Happens When a Baby Gets Chiropractic Treatment?

Are babies adjusted just like adults? Is it safe?

Chiropractic care for babies is different than treatment for an adult. It is both gentle and safe for babies and small children of all ages. Dr. Megan adjusts babies as young as an hour old. The pressure used to adjust a newborn is less than the pressure you place on a tomato to break the skin.

Common Questions About Pediatric Adjustment

Here are a few of the other most common questions we get about pediatric chiropractic. You can read below for full answers to your questions, but please don't hesitate to call us.

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Is special training required to be a pediatric chiropractor?

There is specialized training for adjusting pediatrics, but it is not required. Dr. Megan has taken extensive training above and beyond obtaining her doctorate to specialize in helping children and expecting mothers. She has certification through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) in adjusting and in the Webster Technique to help with breech position babies.

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What is the Webster Technique?

Dr. Megan is certified to perform the Webster Technique through the ICPA. This adjusting technique is proven to open up the pelvis and naturally allow a breech baby to flip into an optimal position for birth. “The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and diversified adjustment. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of sacral subluxation/ SI joint dysfunction. In so doing neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis is improved.”

Do babies really need to be adjusted?

Yes, Yes, and Yes! Birth trauma is one of the most traumatic events in our lives. Getting your baby checked after birth will help prevent so many different things that children and adults suffer from later in life. Colic, ear infections, constipation, headaches/migraines, and so much more.

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Why do children need chiropractic adjustments?

Having a child adjusted helps them regain an optimal functioning nervous system and immune system. All the nerves from the back supply all of your vital organs. If those nerves are being interfered with, your body will not function properly and that is where we see “sickness”. The chiropractic adjust removes all of those interferences and allows the child’s body to heal itself, naturally, without drugs.

Common Reasons Children Come to Dr. Megan January

Let's take a look at the most common childhood problems that can be improved by a trained pediatric chiropractor.

Earaches and Ear Infections

By 3 years of age, 70% of children have at least one earache. More shocking, one third of children will have more than three episodes. Unfortunately, most children are prescribed antibiotics which have been shown ineffective for ear infections because they are not caused by a bacterial infection. All of this can be prevented with chiropractic care!

When a child has a misalignment in their neck it interferes with the nerves. These nerves supply the ears and all of the muscles of the neck. Those muscles will begin to spasm which will not allow the fluid to drain from the ears, preventing the ears from healing. Removing the nerve interference with a chiropractic adjustment allows the muscles to relax, fluid will naturally drain on its own, and the ears will get the proper nerve supply to heal.


The pressure and pulling of birth on a baby can cause major misalignments throughout the spine. Often times babies with colic are having a hard time digesting their milk due to a nerve disruption to the digestive system. Having your child adjusted for colic has been proven significantly more effective that any prescription drug and much safer. Removing the interference to the digestive system will allow the baby to digest their milk properly and remove the discomfort they are having. This allows for more sleep (for baby and mama) and much less crying!

Asthma and Allergies

Asthma and allergies are your body’s immune system overreacting to a stimulant that people without asthma and allergies do not overreact to. Both of these are completely controlled by your immune system and nervous system. When your immune and nervous system are not functioning at their optimal potential you are not able to fight off the stimulants, whether external or emotional, that cause these problems. Removing the interference to your nervous system with a chiropractic adjustment will allow your immune system to function normally and your body will be able to deal with these stressors.

If your family would benefit from a chiropractor with specialized training in pediatrics, call the office of Dr. Megan January today to make an appointment.