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What our patients are saying

Here are a few testimonials from patients at Dr. Megan January Chiropractic. Call our Edmond, Oklahoma office today for more information about Chiropractic care.

"Dr. Megan and Dr. Brandon January are wonderful people, always smiling, and always ready to help you feel better! They treat both me and my two children, and we have never felt better or been healthier. It is amazing the things they can do. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel! " - Loria L.

"I felt so much better. My fibromyalgia had been really bothering me and Dr. Megan and Brandon really helped me." - Lynn M.

“Absolutely love it. Always a smile on their faces and I always feel so much better after my adjustment.”   -Haley H.

"A little over three months have past since my first review and I'm happy to say that I am now getting some of the best sleep I've had since about a year ago when my back pain started. Before my treatments, I could barely go a night without tossing and turning, only to wake- up stiff as a board and often fatigued. Now I sleep through the night without waking up once and rise out of the bed feeling refreshed and energized. My recommendation for anyone visiting Dr. Megan January, or any chiropractor for that matter, is to understand it's a process. And though I may not be 'cured' I am definitely feeling 100x better. So good luck to anyone out there looking to mend chronic pains. Your path to better health may not end at January but I'd say it's definitely a great starting point." -Juan T.

"I have been going to Dr. Megan for about 4 month's. Always feel better when I leave & my shoulder seems to be getting better as it was basically out of commission before! All of the staff is helpful & happy Just good energy all the way around, I also just had acupuncture from them which was a new experience & pretty cool!" - Kyle G.

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